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Leveraging the breakpoint to take full advantage of that pause!

In software development, a breakpoint is an intentional stopping or pausing point in a program, put in place for debugging purposes. It is also sometimes simply referred to as a pause.  

So many times when we are working with a client, we will find that we get called in because they have reached the point where disaster has happened.  Systems are failing, critical information can no longer be found, reports can’t be run, deadlines aren’t being met, and often our client’s customers are extremely unhappy.  Or perhaps, they are finding that the daily processes they previously developed, that once seemed to make so much sense, have become so complicated and burdensome that it just isn’t possible to maintain them with the current workloads.  These clients need a pause to determine the best course of action to move forward and solve their problems.

Of course, that pause sometimes occurs intentionally before the crisis.  A client recognizes that growth is occurring and wants to define more effective and efficient processes to enable and encourage that growth.  Using the pause to evaluate existing processes against expected growth and to design for the future allows the client to proactively make the changes needed to stay at the top of their game.

Our commitment to our clients in the situations highlighted above is first and foremost in our minds as we launch Breakpoint Technology today.  The concept behind a breakpoint, as an intentional stopping or pausing point that is used to debug – or find the problem – and then determine the resolution, is a cornerstone for what we bring to our customers.  Breakpoint Technology leverages this concept in our approach as we:

  • Assess the current situation
  • Understand the business problem before proposing a technical solution
  • Define a problem’s boundaries and focus on real issues before taking actions
  • Identify the source of problem and the root causes
  • Determine the possible along with the necessary changes
  • Learn before acting
  • Refactor (the business process) for efficiencies and long term supportability
  • Modularize to reduce unnecessary dependencies
  • Lean toward Incremental changes over the cool big bang

 Just as the breakpoint is used in software development to step through problems and improve the overall performance of the program, Breakpoint Technology’s goal is to work hand in hand with our customers as they step through their business processes and improve the performance within their enterprise.  This is never a short term, one stop solution, but a long term partnership built on an expectation of a trusted relationship.  We’re excited to be kicking off today with some of those partners we’ve worked with for several years.  If you’d like to discuss the pause needed in your business today ping me on Skype for Business or via email at judy.nichols@breakpoint.technology .