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I’d like to buy the world a (virtual) coke

In the chaotic, ever-changing, pandemic world we are in right now -let's take a moment, pause, and think about how we can help each other through this.  How perfectly Coca Cola summed it up in 1971*.

I'd like to buy the world a home

And furnish it with love

Grow apple trees and honey bees

And snow white turtle doves

I'd like to teach the world to sing

In perfect harmony

I'd like to buy the world a Coke

And keep it company

That's the real thing

What the world wants today

Is the real thing

What the world wants today

Is the real thing

(Coca Cola)

How do we offer up the "real thing" right now?  At an individual basis it may be as simple as following the guidelines of social distance, monitoring your health, buying appropriately without hoarding, and checking on your neighbors. We can all make the effort to buy carry out or delivery a few times per week to keep our local restaurants in business and to tip a little higher than usual if we are able.  Maintain your patience and demonstrate your appreciation – both online and in person – with those who are working to provide services in grocery stores, healthcare facilities, and other hard pressed public places.  That's our virtual coke.

For the business community it is time to creatively rethink how we operate on a daily basis.  One of my customers sent me a text this morning "It’s good times to be on O365.  Thanks again for helping get us to this point.  Jenny and I can at least work from anywhere."  For John, who is a Financial Advisor and one of the owners of a small business, it is critical that he is able to continue connecting with his customers and running his business.  If he were still dependent upon being in the office for everything it would be extremely hard.  For our customers that are already on O365, they have many options already in place to help them communicate, collaborate, and keep office functions moving forward during these times requiring remote work.  For those who have not yet made the move, Microsoft is offering a free 6 month Teams license to any company that needs it in response to the pandemic.  We have put together some simple options to help you get up and running quickly with this licensing. We're available and willing to talk to you to help you understand how this might help your business adapt and keep going.  An initial consultation to talk through the options and possibilities is available at no cost to you.  That's our virtual coke.

If your business doesn't fit into a clean model that can switch over to remote work, it is much more challenging.  Perhaps you are finding it very difficult to think through how you can possibly do anything but shut your doors right now.  We may not have the answers for you, but we are very willing to offer up some time in consultation with anyone to brainstorm ideas and possibilities at no cost to you.  That's our virtual coke.

If each of us offers out what we are capable of giving, sings our part, we can create the perfect harmony needed right now to get through these next few weeks.  It's not going to be easy and the struggle will be much harder for some than others.  We'd like to share a virtual coke with you until we can again meet up for a real one.  Let us know how we can help  – info@breakpoint.technology.

*Watch the original video.