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5 Ways To Increase Your Productivity At Work

Being productive at work can be challenging. With so many distractions, it's a wonder we get anything done at all sometimes. At Breakpoint Technology, we know how important productivity is to you. That's why we work hard to help you find the solutions you need to stay engaged.

When you're pressed for time, productivity is king. But it can be hard to know where to start. That's where Office 365 can help. By providing you with numerous productivity solutions and features that keep you on task, you might find extra time at the end of your day.

We want to help your team become more productive. Contact us and check out this article for five tips on productivity.

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The evolution of customer service metrics

A better customer experience can increase customer loyalty and retention. And according to Bain & Company, a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company's profitability by 75%.

At *[$profile.organization*], we understand customer service metrics are evolving, and as modern businesses, we need to put tools and practices in place to help us prioritize customer lifetime value.

With cloud-based productivity services, Office 365 can help your company deliver better customer experiences over the lifetime of your customer relationships. Contact us to today to find out how.

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Why some CIOs are walking, not running, to the cloud

Data is important to your business. It allows you to make informed decisions and optimize operations. At Breakpoint Technology, we want to help you get the most out of your data by giving you the tools to manage it.

Some consider data the lifeblood of a digital organization. With a large volume of data, you need a reliable solution to manage it. That's where Azure cloud services come in. Easily migrate some or all your workloads to the cloud and never worry about paying too much with scalable workloads.

We want to help your business succeed. Check out this article on why some CIOs are easing into the cloud and contact us so we can help you on your journey.

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How Retailers Can Make The Most Of Their Data

While there are many industries that have been affected by the start of the digital age, it's hard to think of any industry impacted more than retail. At Breakpoint Technology, we want to help you thrive in the digital age.

In the competitive marketplace of e-commerce, margins continue to drop as it's becoming easier for competition to butt in. Azure can help retailers analyze their data and stay ahead of their customers desires with predictive analytics and machine learning, helping you to provide customers with an exceptional buying experience.

We want to help you improve your business. Contact us and check out this article for more.

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The AI Skills Crisis And How To Close The Gap

If you have recent experience looking for AI specialists to join your team, it's clear that we're facing an AI skills crisis. Breakpoint Technology wants you to have the best talent. That's why we offer you the tools to make finding the right candidate easier.

To move AI projects from ideation into implementation, you will need to determine how to close the AI skills gap so you can have experts on your team. Azure has already made finding that expert easier. Azure works with numerous open-source coding languages, so you're not tied to finding someone with one specific skill set.

We want to help you integrate AI into your business. Contact us to find out how.

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How the Lotus F1 Team uses Office 365

Mobility is everything in Formula 1. From the track to internal communication, without mobility, the team can't win. At Breakpoint Technology, we know you need mobility in your business too. That's why we're here to help.

Office 365 gives the Lotus Formula 1 Team the collaboration and communication they need through mobility. From logistics to engineering, the Lotus team uses Office 365 to connect them no matter where they are in the world. You can leverage Office 365 in the same way no matter where your business takes you.

We want to help your business go the distance. Contact us to find out more and watch this video to watch the Lotus F1 Team in action.

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DeKalb Mechanical improves service and reduces costs with Microsoft Office 365

DeKalb Mechanical employees have access to the customer information they need both in the office and in the field. With the mobile access, bid automation, and cloud-based collaboration Office 365 affords, employees are more efficient, more productive, and better equipped to deliver stellar service. DeKalb is satisfying countless customers, plus saving over $150,000 annually in lost productivity.

At Breakpoint Technology, we understand the value of time and money, and with #Office365, we can help you save both. Contact us today to find out how.

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Microsoft cloud tech helps refugee children overcome language barriers

The cloud is enabling companies to connect with employees and customers all over the world. At Breakpoint Technology, we know your customers need to be able to access your product no matter where they are.

Using Azure, Helliwood media & education has expanded its highly successful Schlaumäuse classroom application to the cloud. The new version is designed specifically for refugee children attending German schools. Being on the cloud enables these children to bring their work home with them so they can continue to learn even after the lesson over.

We want to help you shift to the cloud. Contact us and watch this short video for more.

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Finding a Better Connection with Customers Through Cloud Machine Learning

Retailers are analyzing data to help customers get a better experience. At Breakpoint Technology, we know that analyzing your data and creating actionable information can help your business sell more and give customers a better experience too.

Retailer Pier 1 Imports wanted to better connect with its customers using insights and data. They use Azure Machine Learning to help predict what products the customers might want next, so they can invite them back and give them another great experience with a product they know customers will love.

We want to help your organization turn data into action. Contact us and check out this short video for more.

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